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WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the most used messaging apps in the world, but WeChat is an incredibly tight third place due to its absolute dominance of the Chinese market.

Users have more than one instant messaging app installed on their smartphone, according to our research. This may seem like a natural thing for today's users, but it takes considerable time and resources to produce for the developers of messaging apps. 


One trend report shows that one of the most widely used apps in the US smartphone market is iMessage by Apple, a messaging system for iPhones.With tiny touchscreens, the messaging platform can also change the size of the designer's screen, change the type of input the app can accept, demand and demand, and shake up the way users communicate and how they communicate. For example, adding a left-handed feature can add all kinds of messaging apps. Take it for ease of use and inclusivity, or add a feature for those who want to hide certain details.


The messaging app has been a hot topic lately as statistics have been emerging, and we will show you how it has had a huge impact on the communication of people in Europe and other countries and has become the most important communication method for people worldwide. We started as a communication app and expand into a special app to make activities in no other context.

We heard from users which apps, devices, and operating systems worked better for them.

After meeting our target audience, we found out that using Slack, Whatsapp, and E-mail for work-related purposes felt a bit overwhelming, so we’ve decided that the new app would be the only place and solution. 


Also, assessing the UX aspects of this type of app could answer questions about how, where, and why users use certain IM apps over others that may be more user-friendly than one of the alternatives. This allows AR lenses integrated into a messaging app to be used within the app to create a more attractive user experience. Chatbots and graphical interactions are shown in messaging apps, but there are other ways to simplify and improve user experiences, such as using augmented reality.    


To ensure that Talkit delivered its features to the users, we needed to test them repeatedly during the production process. 

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