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In the healthcare sector, the key motivator for UI / UX designers is to continuously bridge the gap between technology and users. The process of shaping the user experience of products and services occupies a special place in the healthcare sector and is of crucial importance for the industry. It is an important part of the design process and serves as the basis for the overall design and development of a product or service.


We started to check other’s app flows and rethink the user's journey.


The impact of the UX can be measured by collecting quantitative and qualitative data. First, we’ve analyzed state-supported, contact-based tracking apps in other countries (Spain, France, Portugal, Italy) and found that it is no comfort to citizens. We hoped that with these findings we could position the transparency of the app in such a way that it can be positioned as a design feature.

Those apps use Bluetooth and GPS to know if you have been exposed, and we found that that was a huge privacy concern. 

One last important component that caught our eye was how COVID 19 apps forced us to rethink how the user onboard can download the app.


Of the 31 apps we analyzed, 31% analyzed an aspect of privacy settings, 23% had a specific privacy policy for the app, 17% used an onboarding component, 16% of apps displayed a list of data collection features (as opposed to paragraph information) in a short bullet point format, 15% app placed all app permissions and data collection features in one of their main tabs. Of the 17 apps documented as open-source, we analyzed only those that live in Google Play and not in the Google App Store.

For example, Google expanded its usual search function by displaying a list of resources that target someone looking for COVID19. The app now makes it easy to identify stops along the user's path, and if they want to fix the app, it displays a question mark and uses different texts and colors.

To create a positive user experience on the product, I needed to follow trends, apply best practices and apply design patterns. The demographic and psychographic development of the users influenced how the app should look, feel and take users on their journey. I took a profile of the target group and create customized user experiences that help them feel supported, fascinated, and inspired.

We were encouraged to create more than one UX persona for our product, even if multiple target demographics exist. What draws people to a health-related app may have as much to do with its design and design approach as with the app itself. Effective communication based on users "preferences can be more effective than basing it on yourself because it builds trust, which helps your app deliver higher value faster. 


One of the main goals was to work on the efficiency measures that are needed for users to easily navigate the app, such as easy navigation, user interface design, and user experience.  Overall, the mobile app users needed to be able to access important information and controls easily, and our flow needed to be simple and intuitive. 


There is a difference between a well-designed and complex web app and a simple, simple mobile application. Users feel confused when they need to quickly find the data they need to function, which is why we need our mobile apps to communicate complexity with clarity and sophisticated data visualization. 


When we talk about user experience, every step a person takes from a house that is quarantined physically or digitally must be a step that helps them to ease into their lives. The perfect application is the one that implements the best of both worlds: an easy-to-use, intuitive and intuitive mobile app experience.   

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