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I'll share how we developed our Colley app, tell you what we knew and what we did.   We took a look at the latest trends and insights in UX, discuss user personas, get feedback from other departments on our product, share case studies directly related to the design of Colley App and Colley Technologies, engage in social interaction debates with like-minded people, and industry experts on the subject, and much more.

AAs autonomous vehicles are likely to become more common shortly, upcoming studies will have to take into account the interaction design of car-sharing systems such as Uber Pool and Colley. This report shows how different interaction designs and methods for drivers can be applied and studied to improve usability and secondary controls while driving. However, this is not the first time that studies examining interaction design have focused on the needs of both users and drivers in the context of car sharing.

The study aimed to understand how drivers can control the most commonly used secondary functions of a car by driving it with a vehicle they do not know. The results of the usability study showed that participants tended to have better experiences with the prototype with their cars than with rented Colley vehicles. A rented Colley and a participant's car were used similarly, compared to tasks performed with a familiar car and an unknown car.

This suggests that there is potential for improved driving performance and thus safety if drivers can use car-sharing systems by moving or redesigning the controls embedded in the steering wheel. Researchers and designers used current and future technologies to develop customizable interfaces that move away from traditional car-sharing systems and toward improved user-friendliness for short-term rentals.

Plus, we’ve found that the millennials tend to prioritize connectivity in UX design, an affinity that extends to their experience in the automotive industry.

In response to the huge ride-sharing market, car brands have also launched subscription programs to lure drivers who do not want to buy a car, allowing them to drive themselves to their destination with a ride-sharing app.

In the meantime, however, we can question the complexity of Colley's app design and ask why Colley's features are designed as they are. Colley has already tried to answer us by offering a host of options in its app that allow users to participate in decisions - and give them a sense of inclusion in the design process. Colley not only makes each feature available as part of its experience but also uses a variety of user-friendly features, such as the ability to book a car, as well as access to a range of other features.

The best user experience strategy for each application starts with the design of the user interface (UX) and its design process. User experience, or UX Design for short, is the process a design team uses to develop a product that provides users with a meaningful and relevant experience. It takes into account the needs of the end-user by embedding value, importance, and relevance in the overall experience of using the product or service.  

Many of the glitches in car-sharing apps do not do justice to this new mobility concept but can discourage and discourage customers from using it. Colley has approached the Apple Watch app to directly improve its dwindling user experience, but the restrictions that drivers who choose to do so face remain. Currently, there is no easy way for drivers to adapt and coordinate with the Colley app. We plan to close and with interest follow Colley's efforts to improve and enhance its customer experience.

I’ve worked on the UI product under the leadership of a Product Manager. I’ve expanded my design skills by working closely with a senior UX designer and thinking through your ideas until we found a solution that worked for our users. The designs I've created were tested in a UX studio with real people where we’ve tested the design we created with them.

As a designer, I've set consistency, and the user experience remains an important aspect of the approach to bringing self-driving vehicles to market. Unlike a typical car-sharing system, which only offers a limited number of functions - such as the ability to book a car - Colley will cover several important features to create a personalized and enjoyable experience for users.

UI designers, just like me, play a strategic role in providing solutions to complex business and mobility problems, influencing product vision, and serving as the voice of Colley members.

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